The Game of Basketball Has Become Harder Than You Think

Whoa, there boomer. I know what you’re thinking. “How can this 25-year old tell you the game of basketball has become harder when you didn’t watch Michael Jordan play?”. “You didn’t even watch the glory days of Magic Johnson and Larry Bird leading their respective teams in brutal battles.”. “You have never seen a player terrified to drive in the paint because he knew he would end up on the floor.”. Ok, I understand why you would say that. The NBA had an era of basketball where scoring the ball did not come easy. Players had to think twice if they were going to try to get an easy layup, especially if it was during the postseason. Even though I could counter your argument with the fact that I grew up watching the era of Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal dominating while defenses were much tougher, I’m not going to. Instead, I’m going to bring your attention to the fact that technology and scouting have increased tremendously over the last couple of decades.

The times of tough and physical basketball that so many fans call the glory days of the NBA, were, pleasing for fans at the time. Nothing came easy for the players and everything had to be earned. Well, that was your generation. This generation is all about scouting with the best analytics and being able to watch as much film on your opponent as possible. And this is where the game becomes more difficult than you think. The days you loved watching basketball are similar to that of the stone ages. Coaches and players were not able to know nearly as much as their opponent as they are now. Imagine being the best player on your team and the opposing team has the film of the last 10 games you’ve played at their disposal. Teams are now able to predict the position on the court where a player will shoot depending on what defensive scheme they present. Although the game may not be as physical as it used to be, it has become so much smarter. Players now have to be able to perform while the other team has every bit of information on them. Teams don’t have to get too physical with players, they have to be in the right position to stop players now.

Now if I have not convinced you after this, let’s create a scenario. There’s a person that you would love to date, but there’s one problem, you don’t know how to talk to them. So to better your chances of having the conversation, you scout their Facebook page and find any bit of information to help you. You then use that information to get their number with extreme ease. Well, that is what is happening in the NBA. Teams can profile any player they want and force them to work within their defensive schemes to help them win.

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