Super Bowl LV Recap

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I would like to start off this Super Bowl recap by making a confession. The entirety of

NFL playoffs I have picked against Tom Brady on purpose using reverse psychology. I knew if I bet against him, that he would ultimately win (which is what I wanted). It has worked in full effect this year and I am very happy Tom Brady won his seventh Super Bowl ring.

Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are Super Bowl champions after defeating the Kansas City Chiefs 31-9. This game was a showcase of two of the games hottest teams in the NFL since their meeting in week 12. Up to this game, neither team had lost a game and cruised through the playoffs. Tampa Bay made history by being the first team to play in the Super Bowl when their city was hosting the Super Bowl. The Buccaneers made the most of it by blowing out the Chiefs in the biggest game of the year. Patrick Mahomes made the best effort he could but losing most of his linemen to injuries and opt-outs cost him dearly. Mahomes ran for nearly 500 yards scrambling from the Buccaneers pass rush that had him running for safety all night. Football is a game that is won in the trenches and whoever controls the line of scrimmage will ultimately be the winner. The Buccaneers were at an advantage with a fully healthy pass rush that has dominated all year against the Chiefs line that struggled with backups. The young secondary of Tampa Bay stepped up as well after being torched by Tyreek Hill in the first matchup. Tampa Bay defense held Tyreek Hill to seven catches and only 73 yards, while Travis Kelce had 10 receptions and 133 yards. Ultimately the best part about Tampa’s defense was that bent but did not break. Tampa did not allow one touchdown on the night and only three field goals, which allowed Tampa’s offense to control the clock. Tom Brady was sensational in the big game throwing for 201 yards, three touchdowns, and no interceptions. Rob Gronkowski returned to his former self with 6 receptions, 67 yards, and two touchdowns on the night to help earn the Buccaneers a victory. Another key contributor to the Buccaneers offense was the running back combo of Leonard Fournette and Ronald Jones which combined for 150 yards on the ground. Tom Brady was able to capitalize on the penalties of the Chiefs who had 11 penalties for 120 yards and some crucial ones before half that led to a Tampa touchdown. In the end, Tom Brady led an improbable run beating three former MVPs on the way to his seventh ring. What we have seen will never be repeated and Tom Brady has undoubtedly cemented his place as the GOAT.

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