Play Ball!

My favorite time of the year, baseball season, is back. Pitchers and catchers have reported for the beginning of Spring Training. Cover athletes, Jackie Robinson, Fernando Tatis Jr. and Tim Anderson, have been chosen for MLB The Show and RBI Baseball. Analysts have made their predictions on the upcoming season. And Arizona along with Florida await the arrival of baseball players and baseball fans.

Usually the big stories about the upcoming baseball season are centered around predictions and team acquisitions during the offseason. This year’s Winter Meetings didn’t disappoint with league shaking roster moves. However the elephant in the room continues to be Covid-19. Major League Baseball continues to feel the pressure of handling its season in a way that keeps its players safe but also keeps its pockets healthy. The current pressing issue revolves around starting Spring Training on time. This could be accomplished by either having a full length schedule with no fans, or a shortened schedule with fans. Best case scenario in their eyes is having a full length schedule with fans. All of this depends on how Covid-19 trends in March.

Moving forward Major League Baseball will have serious decisions to make. Last year the league was hit hard with Covid-19 cases. Teams like the St. Louis Cardinals and Miami Marlins were devastated by the virus and were forced to postpone many games. With the slow distribution of the available vaccines things are getting better in their eyes. But will it be a cure all for both sides of player safety and organizational money? It will be a true test as the player’s union battles the Manfred and the owners. We will truly see how much they value the players over money, or vice versa. All in all I’m just excited to see the game of baseball being played again.

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