Is Draymond Green the Most Underrated Player in the League?


Last night, the Golden State Warriors won a close battle against the Toronto Raptors 106-105 to improve to (6-4) on the season. Ever since the return of Draymond Green, the Warriors are (4-2). They are now trending in the right direction after a slow start to the season. There was always a narrative against Draymond Green because of his inability to be a threat offensively. but the real ones know he is the heart and soul of the Warriors because of all the other things he brings to the table. Don’t forget he won Defensive Player of the Year and is still one of the best premier defenders in the league right now. His defensive presence on the floor has made Golden State a better defensive team of late. Don’t believe me? In the last four games, Golden State allowed opponents 106 ppg, which is ranks the Warriors as a top-three defensive team in the league in the recent week. That’s not the only unique thing about Draymond Green. You can’t forget about his playmaking ability. You can’t name too many forwards in the league that pass the ball effectively as Draymond Green does. Green also leads the team in assists ever since his return. His ability to remove the pressure off Steph and set up the offense for him makes Golden State more of a threat offensively. The thing that mostly stands out about Draymond Green is his voice. This is the youngest Warriors team in recent years. Having Green on the floor with guys like Wiseman, Wiggins, and Paschall gives those guys a confidence boost. He won’t hesitate to call them out on their play either. The moral of the story is, Draymond Green is the most underrated player in the league. The Warriors don’t win those 3 championships without him. It’s not about his offensive game. It’s about the other things he does on a nightly basis to help his team succeed.

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