Chef Curry Cooks Critics

"He can't lead a team on his own.". "Now he knows how LeBron felt.". "He's not going to get the same looks without Klay.". These were just some of the things people had the nerve to say about the 2x NBA MVP and 3x NBA Champion, Steph Curry. For whatever reason, fans felt the need to criticize Curry for not leading his team to more wins in the first five games this season. I understand that LeBron and Iverson were both able to lead teams that seemed like they had no chance of success to the finals. But when you think about how Curry's supporting cast has been averaging almost the same amount of points as the Cavs and Sixers teams in a higher scoring league, you realize how bad his team has been. We also can't forget that Draymond Green has only played two games this year. He will be a boost to Steph's game as the season progresses.

Now back to the critics. Before Sunday's matchup against the Trailblazers, Steph was averaging 26.4ppg and 6.6apg. Why in the world would that make you so quick to attack him and the way he has played so far? Oh, wait! Is it because he cooked your team for the past five years? Is it because he went to the NBA Finals five straight years? Maybe you were jealous because you can't shoot as well as he can. All of these are acceptable reasons for you to be frustrated but don't start acting as if Curry isn't still one of the best point guards in the NBA. Don't allow the five years of anger that built up to show how dumb you can sound by judging his play five games into a season.

Besides, the outcome is not decided by what we say. Steph proved just that by dropping a career-high 62 points and leading the Warriors to a 137-122 victory over Portland. Curry went 8-16 from deep. Not only did he have the hot hand from range, but he was able to get to the lane and finish at will. Curry may not have a game like this again all year, but it was enough to silence the doubters for one day by reminding us why he was a former MVP. We'll see if Steph Curry can give us an encore when the Warriors return to the court tonight against the (3-3) Sacramento Kings at 9 pm CT.

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