Bears Fans Divided on Team Making Playoffs

It's been another year of mediocrity for the Chicago Bears. Although the Bears started the season 5-1, the team finished the 2020 season 8-8 with a 35-16 loss to the Green Bay Packers. Somehow this was still good enough for the Bears to sneak into the playoffs, leaving fans disgruntled about the fact their team would potentially lose draft position and lose their first game of the playoffs.

Bears fans were treated to what feels like three seasons in one. Mitch Trubisky was the Bears starter before being benched for Nick Foles in the third game against the Falcons. Nick Foles went 2-5 as the Bears starter before being replaced by Trubisky due to an injury. With Trubisky at the helm again, the bears finished their last six games with a 3-3 record.

While some Chicago fans will be happy about their team entering the playoffs after missing the postseason last year, you can believe that majority of the windy city faithful will be asking for major changes in the Bears organization. For now, Bears fans will have to put their feelings to the side and get ready to watch their team take on the New Orleans Saints.

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